Cardboard Sculptures by Chris Gilmour

Chris Gilmour creates these wonderful works of art using only cardboard and glue. There is no supporting structure, no wooden or metal frame.

Check his website:

Sausage Art

Some people say every bento is better with sausage. Check these cute sausage art to make your bento looks great :) You can also use cheese sausage or add some cheese to make it looks better :)


Pictures taken from here [link]

Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting by Alexa Meade

American artist Alexa Meade, has perfected the art of making real subjects look like still life - by painting directly onto her models with a background behind, creating an ingenious illusion. The final result leaves the subject appearing two-dimensional.


Formerly working as a press intern on the Obama campaign, Meade has had no formal painting education.


Spending my formative years immersed in the world of politicians and PR led to a fascination with the possibilities of repackaging source texts and adding superficial modifications that would profoundly alter perception,” Meade said.


In my current work, I construct and then photograph ephemeral installation sets that feature an assemblage of found objects and live models, which I have covered in layers of acrylic paint”.


I paint the surfaces of the human subjects, the material objects, and the architecture of the installations so as to collapse the subject, foreground and background into one continuous plane”.



Check her website:

All images are © Copyright of Alexa Meade.

Duzzle Art by Doug Powell

Artist Doug Powell uses thousands of puzzle pieces to assemble these mosaic portraits.

He has been experimenting with random puzzle pieces from jigsaw puzzles since 2001 and has been creating detailed mosaic portraits of the human face since 2007.

Doug claims that he has an inventory of over a half million puzzle pieces that would be enough to fill an average sized above ground pool. He doesn’t paint any of the pieces, but many are cut and shaped to offer more detail in the project.

Check his website: or

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