Panography by Mareen Fischinger

Düsseldorf, Germany talented photographer Mareen Fischinger creates these amazing artworks using a technique that allows you to capture an entire scene, by assembling dozens of photos of that scene, called panography.

Panography is a photographic technique in which one picture is assembled from several overlapping photographs.

She takes hundreds of individual photographs of one subject all from the same perspective. Then, she creates semi-transparent layers that overlap onto themselves until they make a complete picture.

“These are not panoramas in the normal sense, but more the result of a new kind of photography – one that captures the flow of time and the accompanying changes of scene on one surface.”

First she picks something interesting to shoot, than she pick her point of view and make sure she can see everything she wants to shoot without moving from her position until the process is complete.

Next she manually sets the white balance, focus, f-stop and shutter speed of the camera. This ensures that it doesn’t light meter every shot and all the photos are identically exposed.

Then she points and shoots, making sure she moves the camera lens to cover all positions. The more her shots overlap the easier it is to assemble her panography.

To make a great panography, make sure you cover every spot with at least one picture, even the most uninteresting parts, like lines and busy areas, and plain areas, otherwise you’re left with a big whole in your image, after assembling the photos.

After taking the photos, Mareen uses an image editing software like Photoshop to tweak the photos and assemble them on an RGB canvas, like a virtual puzzle.

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