Clever Magazine Ads

Companies are always trying to find new and creative ways to catch consumer’s attention.

DHL International Courier Service


A piece of transparent PVC paper placed into the magazine and printed a DHL worker on both side. Therefore, when you turning the paper the worker can deliver the express mail. The main communication here is you can “instantly” send a package from China to Japan. Unfortunately the imagery that represents China is pretty similar to the imagery that symbolizes Japan, so at first look, it seems like the two recipients could be down the street from each other.

Noah Animal Testing


Test now! Crème Vôle. Animates and refreshes dry and stressed skin. Still thousands of animals are killed by experiments by the cosmetics industry. Donate now...

SulAmerica Health Insurance: Torn


“SulAmerica prevents you from doing the same with the resources of your company.”

Clear: No Dandruff


Ad created to show the effectiveness of Clear in eliminating dandruff. In an original use of the front cover of a magazine, we see a woman with dandruff visible on her shoulders. A text invited the reader to pull off the corner of the ad, thus removing the dandruff and revealing the campaign slogan: Clear. No Dandruff.

MacBook Pro: Ultra Thin


Greenpeace: Tree


Deforestation continues with the turn of a page.
BRIEF: The global degradation and disappearance of the world's forests has many causes including agricultural expansion, mining, plantation construction, infrastructure construction and forest fires. Greenpeace believes that global deforestation is primarily due to large-scale industrial logging. Industrial logging has become the greatest danger to forests, threatening more than 70% of the world's endangered forests. We are experiencing an unprecedented rate of destruction of the world's forest resources.

IDEA: We are utilizing journal pages and deforestation's direct relevance to the rate of the destruction of the world's forests to display the terrible result. The two pages' varied lengths provide for an interesting magazine advertisement.

Wonderbra: Cleavage


Adverbox highlights an inventive magazine ad for Wonderbra. Pull the string, and you can see the power of the wonderbra, as the bra enhances the cleavage

Crush - Class: There is another way


This is an interactive ad that invites the reader to put the arrows A and B together. The ad changes its sense completely because its situation pass from being one thing to a totally different one.

Depilight Laser Peeling: Evolution


When you try to open the double spread, you notice that the two pages are glued together, forcing you to pull the pages out. That’s when you realize that you have just wax peeled somebody’s arm.

This way, the message receiver can emulate the inconvenient and disadvantage of being wax peeled.

When you look at the left page of the spread, you can see the hair just peeled off and then you red the copy: “Evolve” Depilight. Laser Hair Peeling.

Epildou: Depilatory stripes


Same concept as above.

Viasat TV6 - I’d Do Anything For Money: Pierced hand



“I’d do anything for money. The game show where pain equals cash.”

IKEA: Sliding Doors


Seat Ibiza Cupra: Wheel


Adidas: Forever Sport Campaign

Creative double page magazine ad from Adidas.


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