Bulbing - Optical Illusion 2D Lamp

Bulbing is an optical illusion versatile LED lamp that tricks your eye and mind into thinking it's a 3D object.

Designed by studio Cheha in Tel Aviv, Israel, this 2D lamp created using 3D wire-frame images.

"All circuitry is wired, adhering to the highest electric standards. Upon placing the acrylic glass design in the lamp’s base (where the LED is positioned), the light breaks through the etched surface."

The changeable design is made from acrylic glass sheet and the base is made of plywood birch. The light is LED and lasts up to 50,000 hours, and doesn’t overheat.

You can change out the designs simply by lifting it out from the base and change it with a new one.

Check the website: https://www.kickstarter.com/


Chicago-based bicycle parts company SRAM gives artists the opportunity to show their creativity by equipping them with a box of 100 bike parts and challenging them to turn it into art for their pART PROJECT competition.

The art then will be auctioned off for World Bicycle Relief, a foundation that help to provide bicycles to people in underprivileged areas in Africa so that the people in these areas are given better opportunities to access healthcare and educational facilities with this mode of transportation.

Check the website: http://www.sram.com

Source: mymodernmet

LEGO Retro Technology by Chris McVeigh

Artist and designer Chris McVeigh creates these awesome minimalist LEGO models of outmoded technology.

Check his website: http://chrismcveigh.com and http://powerpig.storenvy.com/

Cell Phone Art by Rob Pettit

Artist Rob Pettit creates cell phone art to high light the proliferation and waste of cell phones.

Check his website: www.robpettit.com

Knitted Comfort Food by Jessica Dance and David Sykes

Art director and model maker Jessica Dance collaborate with food photographer David Sykes created a series of knitted lambswool recreations of common comfort foods to encapsulate the feeling of British cafes and fast food restaurants.

All images are © Copyright of David Sykes

Check her website: http://www.jessicadance.com/

Creative T-Shirt Design

Check some of these creative T-Shirt designs that you might interested to buy :)











Needle-Poked Portraits by Michal Taharlev

Tel-Aviv-based artist Michal Taharlev creates detail old family photos using only a sharp needle and lots of patience.

The Israeli artist used a 0.5mm needle and methodically poked holes in canvases to create the portraits for her 'Holes in Memory' series.

“The use of a needle on a photo and the violent act of damaging and obsessing over memories, yet in a very strict manner, gives a new meaning to the innocence and the unknown future the photos hold.”

All images are © Copyright of Michal Taharlev

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