Wire Tree Sculptures by Clive Maddison

Sculptor Clive Madison creates these wire tree sculptures that are handmade from single strand wires and attached to wooden bases.

"The trees are handmade from single strand wires that run from the roots to the leaves. No glue, solder or other means are used to hold them together, it is purely down to the way the strands are twisted. The beauty of this art is that no two sculptures are the same. There may be similarity of style between pieces, material used, or type of tree being represented, but the way they are made means that every sculpture will be unique."

If you like this kind of artwork, you might want to check the artwork of Kevin Iris and Ken To

All images are © Copyright of Clive Maddison

Check his website: http://www.clivemaddison.com/

3D Glass Paintings by Xia Xiao Wan

Beijing-based painter Xia Xiao Wan creates these 3D artworks on 14 to 30 panes of glass using special colored pencils.

Each piece takes approximately one to two months to complete, depending on the complexity of the image.

His artwork is similar with NFN Kalyan's glass portraits here.

DIY Paper Masks by Steve Wintercroft

Designer Steve Wintercroft created these geometric mask templates that you can download, print, color and create with your very own paper.

"A couple of years ago, after receiving an invite to a Halloween party but struggling for costume ideas, I sat down with a pile of old cardboard, some parcel tape, a pair of scissors and plenty of hot tea. An hour or so later and after some trial and error I had made myself a fox mask."

Check the website: http://www.wintercroft.com/

What Have you Got in Your Head? by Sara Asnaghi

Milan-based artist Sara Asnaghi has created a series of brain sculptures called 'What Have you Got in Your Head?'.

Sandwich (bread crumbs and painted clay)

Each sculpture measuring 6.69 in x 4.72 in (or 17 cm x 12 cm) and made of different edible items.

Bread with herring

"My work is basically inspired by two things. The first is the famous quote of philosopher Feuerbach 'We are what we eat', but viewed from the standpoint of genetic mutation."


"So I imagined a strange world where people (in this case a specific organ of the person) got transformed into the food they eat."


"The second is the fact that rich countries are literally flooded by all kinds of food, and advertising encourages us to eat more and more. We think about food or we think about how to lose weight, and when we try to lose weight, we only think about food."



Hemp seeds

Black rice

Bird seed



Red lentils

Polenta (cornmeal)

Star-shaped Pasta


Vermicelli soy


Plaster and pharmaceutical leaflet

Rice and nori seaweed

Maasdammer Cheese

Pea soup with sausage (snert) brain

Rice, potatoes and mussels

Source: Mind the Brain

Toothpaste Portraits by Cristiam Ramos

Mexican artist Cristiam Ramos spends up to 200 hours and 30 tubes of various brands of toothpaste to create these celebrity portraits.

"I wanted to do the works in toothpaste as this is associeted with your best smile and these artists who perform in their field have left us a deep smile and a moment of happiness."

“It is very difficult to make these as the toothpaste becomes very sticky and dries quickly. The smell can also be overwhelming, which was challenging during the long days of up to 10 hours painting.”

“I begin by finger painting the first layer and then let it dry. Then I throw on the next layer to begin giving it the tones required as toothpaste can almost be transparent. I keep applying coats until I get the tone I want, sometimes I have to use brushes to do the smallest details.”

All images are © Copyright of Cristiam Ramos

Check his website: http://www.cristiamramosart.com/

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