Nails Sculptures by John Bisbee

American sculptor John Bisbee creates geometric sculptures and installations using nails as his sole medium.

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Bicycle Tire Tracks Illustrations by Thomas Yang

Singapore-based artist Thomas Yang creates a series of amazing illustrations of famous landmarks using bicycle tire tracks.

This poster of the Empire State Building was created using 7 different kinds of bicycle tracks that were rolled onto paper.

All images are © Copyright of Thomas Yang

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Surreal Pencil Drawings Of Lips By Christo Dagorov

Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov transform the sensual texture of human lips into surreal drawings of trees, the aerial layout of a city, and even other human forms.

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Porcelain Sculptures by Nuala O’Donovan

Irish artist Nuala O’Donovan sculpts hand-built porcelain that resemble fractal patterns found in nature.

"My work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular patterns and forms from nature."

"Each element of the pattern is individually made, the form is constructed slowly over a period of weeks or months. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern."

"I have used the characteristics of irregular/fractal patterns in nature as a system of constraints or guidelines when making decisions about the forms: The patterns are regularly irregular."

"The patterns and form are self-similar. The pattern records a response to random events during the making process. The result of using the characteristics of fractal geometry in making decisions regarding the form of the sculptural pieces, is that the form is resolved but retains a sense of potential change."

Check her website:

Layered Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers

British ceramicist Matthew Chambers created these complex geometric sculptures by layering thin sections of clay to form each single object.

"I make sculpture that is born from the potters wheel. Many sections are thrown and built to create a constructed beauty, rhythm, and symmetry in abstract form."

"I am interested in the travel and progression of layered three dimensional pattern, and how this can create different qualities depending on the workings of three essential factors:
- The construction: Simplicity to complexity. Circular or fragmented.
- The rhythm pattern: Different rhythms produced through the construction and the placement of parts.
- The viewing position and depth in form: Horizontal, vertical or angular. Inside space or enclosed rhythm."

"It is a true love of the making process that drives the creation of my sculpture. Through practice and persistence I have developed a unique way of making, and it is this alongside the versatility of clay that is essential in creating the individual character of the work”

"All sculptures and vessels are made using separate thrown sections and then constructed together to form one piece. I don’t do any drawings or designs and all the experimentation with different forms is done during the making process. I enjoy seeing how one form leads to another and how the different forms fit together."

"I use mainly earthy colours in my pieces. It gives them a feel similar to stone and I think this helps to give them a more sculptural quality."

"All the pieces are highly finished – I sand them at different stages of the process and polish them with diamond pads after firing."

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Source: ideasinthemaking

New 360° Laser-Cut Paper Story Books by Yusuke Oono

Japanese graphic designer and architect Yusuke Oono (previously here and here) is back with new laser-cut storybooks.

Check his website:

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