Water-Activated Illustrations by Peregrine Church

Seattle, a city that's known for its rainy weather, is the perfect place where you can find this water-activated interactive artworks, illustrations, and hidden messages that only appear when wet.

Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church (who is often helped by co-conspirators Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider) created these 'Rainworks' series using stencils and non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable water-repellant coating that lasts anywhere from 4 months to year.

"Rainworks are positive messages and art that appear when it rains. Their purpose: To make people smile on rainy days"

"Each rainwork lasts about 4 months to a year, depending on the amount of foot traffic it has to endure. More abrasion means it will fade faster. A rainwork is the most vivid during its first couple of weeks, then slowly becomes more subtle."

"I use Always Dry Wood & Stone. It is not sold in the US, but it is available at http://nanexcompany.eu/ The company that makes it, the Nanex Company, is based out of Belgium. I am currently in talks with them about getting distribution of Always Dry in the United States."

Check his website: http://rain.works/

Paper Bird Sculptures by The Makerie Studio

London-based artist duo Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft of The Makerie Studio (previously here) create incredibly intricate 3D paper bird sculptures using rare and fine papers.

This life size paper peacock sculpture inspired by the cover of The Great Omar, a collection of Persian poems known as the most precious volume ever bound, was produced for London paper merchants Shepherds Bookbinders using papers from their range, and is currently displayed in their Holborn store.

"Wherever possible we use recycled paper, and we always recycle it again. We work in an industry where waste is rife, so we really try not to add to that. Aesthetically, we try and choose the right paper for each project – these are usually very different to each other, and we’re always discovering new finishes, textures and figuring out how they work. We’re lucky to have great suppliers that help us always pick the best quality papers for a job, which makes it all more fun."

"The hardest thing about paper is making it last, and that’s what we’re always trying to improve on. You can spend weeks on a piece and have it ruined in a day because it was put in a damp room, so we try and make everything we do as strong and weatherproof as possible."

Check the website: themakeriestudio.com

Source: thewild

Painting By Touch by John Bramblitt

Denton, Texas-based artist John Bramblitt lost his sight due to complications with epilepsy, sending him into a deep depression.

"All of the hopes and dreams that I had for my life; all of the plans for what I would do after I graduated school were gone. I was not only depressed, but in mourning. The life that I had, along with the future that I was planning, was dead and gone. I felt like I had no potential; that basically I was a zero."

But his blindness was actually what sparked his career as an artist.

"Art reshaped my life.. At first the idea of being able to draw without eyesight didn’t even occur to me. It wasn’t until a year after going blind that I began to figure out a way to be able to draw again."

Bramblitt is functionally blind, meaning that his eyes can only differentiate between sunlight and darkness. He learned to distinguish between different coloured paints by feeling their textures with his fingers.

“Basically what I do is replace everything that the eyes would do for a sighted artist with the sense of touch.. The raised lines take care of finding your placement on the canvas. Over time I have developed different techniques that allow me to be much more precise when it comes to me laying down the lines. Besides the number of paints, such as fabric paints, that are premade most of the embossing paints that I use now to draw with I actually mix myself. This allows me to control the drying time for different materials, and even to have lines that will remain raised for a period of time, but then dry flat allowing for techniques such as glazing and washes to be more effective. I have also developed techniques where lines can be overlaid on a canvas by using a separate sheet of paper, and also for watercolors to have lines that lie beneath the paper which can be easily felt but not interfere with the thin watercolor paint."

“All of the bottles and paint tubes in my studio are Brailled, and when mixing colors I use recipes. In other words I will measure out different portions of each color that I need to produce the right hue. This is no different than using a recipe to bake a cake.“

“The first art shows that I did I never told anyone that I was blind. I didn’t tell people that I was blind not because I was ashamed, but because I didn’t want it to affect the way they perceived the art”

"In a way, I am glad that I became blind. This makes more sense when you stop thinking about adversity as an obstacle, and start viewing it as an experience—something that you can learn from and grow from."

Check his website: http://bramblitt.myshopify.com/

Creative Revolving Door Ads



This ads use the whole building while the revolving doors are just part of it. Done by Scholz & Friends Hamburg advertising agency for Siemens Mixer MQ 9555.

Herbal Essences


This Herball Essences ads is a very simple yet spectacular idea, to show women just how easy it could be to colour their hair with Herbal Essences.



Images of different women were placed on revolving doors, every time the doors were turned it appeared as the guy is sleeping with a different girl.



Meiji created life-sized stickers of a sumo wrestler, a rugby player, a judokan and a wrestler. These stickers were affixed on the revolving doors of buildings to interact with their consumers. Once they pushed against the door, it seemed like these sportsmen push back and don’t allow them to come in. But of course, the door opened in the usual way. The copy line says simply “Milk makes you stronger. Meiji.”

Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters


Check out the black belt / there are 70 million Taekwondo masters all over the world

Anti-violence Group


The Print Ad was done by Grey Beijing advertising agency for Network For Combatting Domestic Violence in China. Slightly horrific scene depicts a man chasing a little kid . "Stop violence against children. Call the police". Fortunately, the guy never got the little boy.

Planetarium Prague


The Outdoor Advert titled Get into the Universe was done by Euro Rscg Prague advertising agency for Planetarium Prague in Czech Republic to show the visitors a view of the universe, as they would be the very part of it.



This revolving door generates energy just through revolving, therefore the Eneco energy company placed a long copy poster so that the people keep turning the door and create extra energy while reading the copy

Air Asia


Air New Zealand


Trading site sellmefree.co.nz and national carrier Air New Zealand set up an online auction of cheap flights, with all profit raised going to children in need. The idea required an eye-catching outdoor element to target corporates, hence Mr Smith Auckland used the main doors of a large, centrally-located office block. "We also needed to combine the themes of childhood and flight, but because we were dealing with sick children, couldn't actually show children on holiday," said copywriter Rebecca Kamm.

Joffrey Ballet School


No one else could better illustrate the graceful ballerina spinning like a revolving door.

Miniature Crochet by Su Ami

Su Ami is a family of five crafters from Vietnam who create these adorable miniature animals.

Check the website: su-ami.blogspot.com/ and Etsy store

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