Awesome Outdoor Installation

Artist: David Kemp

British artist David Kemp, along with a fisherman friend, created this giant wooden fish made of two cove boats as a tribute to the Cornwall fishing traditions, entitled 'Wooden Whaler'.

“I make things out of things, big things, little things, old things and new things. I like to recycle things, and find new uses for things that have been thrown away. Some things say something about their surroundings, and other things become something else.”

Check his website:

Artist: Marcus Levine

British artist Marcus Levine (previously here) created the first commission by Bradford museums and galleries entitled 'Hung Out to Dry', made up of 28,000 nails inserted into a stainless steel panel.

It took him eight 13-hour days and one 14-hour day to get the installation ready.

The 5m high stainless steel nail sculpture was exhibited in Lister park, Bradford.

Check his website:

Artist: Youdhisthir Maharjan

Artist Youdhisthir Maharjan, better known as Youdhi, created this installation made of 9 miles of hand-twisted newspaper rope, called 'Swayambhu '.

"While the labor may seem to be futile, rational demand becomes a lifetime of toil and absolutes. Labor is the process and the key to achieving a means to an end. It becomes an avenue for exploration, and a means for the artist to seek the truth."

Check the website:

Cut Paper Sculptures by Stephanie Beck

American artist Stephanie Beck carves these intricate sculptural paper compositions of imagined urban landscapes.

“My work is inspired by images of archaeological sites, architectural history, aerial photos and my own explorations through various cities. My strongest influence at the moment is the city where I currently live, Philadelphia, where buildings are in a constant state of construction and destruction. I enjoy seeing the bones of these structures, on top of which strong skin is hung, yet which is so easily torn down again. I see these buildings as surrogates for ourselves, revealing our attempts at order and stability despite, or because of, our very human frailties. But secretly, I am most driven by a sense of wonder and play.”

Recycled Art by Kitty Wales

Sculptor Kitty Wales uses steel, discarded appliances and other found object materials to create these recycled sculptures.

“For the past 15 years I have made sculpture based on direct observations of the animal world. I am interested in connecting the viewer to an unexpected place and often modify the appearance of a space to present an altered context to the gallery setting.”

Check her website:

Foods in Colorful Gradients by Brittany Wright

Seattle-based photographer and food enthusiast Brittany Wright organized food according to color and shape and creates a beautiful gradient effect.

Her artworks remind me of Emily Blincoe (here)

Check her website: and instagram

Matchstick Sculptures by Pei-San Ng

Chicago-based architectural designer and multimedia artist Pei-San Ng created these matchsticks sculptures.

This love sculpture hand drawn and spelled out in vintage type entitled 'Passion' is made up of about 2,500 matchsticks and taking a total of 24 hours to complete.

"I love making models out of sticks. With limited resources, Nathan (her husband) suggested using matches instead of balsa. Thus began my matches series. With every piece finished, came an urge to burn it."

“I like to design with modules. In the past I have created installations using dozens of identical Ikea lamps or Mason jars. These modules end up resembling pixels that form icons or symbols.”

"Love on fire represents romance and passion or destruction and jealousy. It is raw and gritty."

This burning sneakers were made and then burned in honor of a deceased friend.

"In Chinese culture, we burn paper money so the spirit can take these notes with them to the afterlife. These papers are called joss paper. In contemporary culture, they have included paper cell phone, paper credit cards and paper boats. I made a pair of sneakers for Chris to take with. He loves his sneakers and he always have the perfect pair to go with his outfit. He was fashionable. These sneakers were in his Tribute show entitled “Tapedek: The Afters Cool Show” at CAD on April 9th, 2010. One of the pair was burned at the end of the show with a gathering of his friends."

She creates lace work patterns on the wings and body of this half-burned phoenix entitled 'Out of the Ashes'.

"The less density of the matches, the quicker I produce the piece."

"It's a mythical creature born out of fire, out of complete destruction. It's also said that the phoenix is the female equivalent of the Chinese mythical creature of the dragon, symbolizing ultimate power and strength. This piece, made of matches, reminds us that we all have the potential to rise out of the low, the ashes and be reborn or to re-invent ourselves to be purposeful and determined."

"When you look at these pieces you realize that – if you light the matches then you change the work if not burn it completely, there is a tension there, you get a moment of satisfaction and then you have nothing – I like that tease.”

“In Chinese culture red is a very lucky color, matches evoke danger. I think that by mixing those two messages the audience is forced to take a second or third look. I want to tempt the viewer to destroy my artwork.”

Check her website:

Intricate Hand-Carved Wood by Dennis McNett

Brooklyn-based artist Dennis McNett makes highly detailed hand carved wood creations.

McNett start with drawing the design directly onto the wood. Then, using tools like a gouge, he cuts into the surface and creates patterns that mimic fur, waves, and the veins on leaves. Once the carving is done, he painted ut and adds bold colors and eye-catching black outlines.

Check his website:

Stellar Caves by Julien Salaud

French artist Julien Salaud created a luminescent ceiling installation titled 'Grotte Stellaire' (Stellar Cave) by nailing interweaving strands of white cotton thread to the ceiling, woven into the shapes of stunning creatures, and illuminate them with an ultraviolet lighting system.

Check her website:

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