Eco-Couture by Gary Harvey

Fashion designers, eco-conscious Gary Harvey designed these stylish environmentally friendly dresses.

Newspaper Dress: 30 copies of the ‘Financial Times’ folded and attached to a salmon pink corset to create a ‘tulle’ skirt.

“Newspapers are one of the few products that get recycled. Currently too much information is printed on paper that does not get read or recycled”.

Denim Dress: 42 pairs of Levi 501’s in various shades of indigo, cut up and reconstructed to create a tiered ball gown with a corset waist, worn with a cropped denim jacket.

“Jeans are one of the most hard-wearing garments, originally designed as a work uniform and made in a fabric designed to last years. Since the transition from ‘work-wear’ to fashion, jeans are often discarded for the latest silhouette before the end of their useful life”.

Mac Dress: 18 Trench Coats in various shades of beige attached to a ‘Burberry’ check corset, worn with a cropped ‘Burberry’ Mac.

“The classic trench coat designed to last for many years”.

Military Dress: 21 Army Jackets in various shades of green and camouflage, reconstructed into a “fishtail” cocktail dress.

Dress made of old wedding dresses

Laundry Bag Dress: Made out of 21 laundry bags.

Baseball Puffball Dress: Made out of 26 nylon baseball jackets. Sports uniforms were originally designed to be hi-tech long lasting uniforms, now they are non-biodegradable and are often discarded at the end of the season.

Dress made of old rugby shirt and Hawaiian shirts

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