Plasticine Portraits by Mondongo

Argentinian art collective Mondongo (which is the name of a traditional Argentinian tripe stew) creates incredibly detailed portraits by using dripped and molded Plasticine.

Mondongo which consists of the trio Juliana Laffitte, Manuel Mendanha and Agustina Picasso was founded in 1999 and has created subversive works out of a multitude of ingredients.

In their 2008 manifesto, they claim, "We are like three witches stirring it up in a cauldron… attempting to alchemize, to distill, and to ooze all the chaos and the all possible “all-ness” in it…"

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Push Pin Art by Eric Daigh

California artist Eric Daigh creates portraits by putting ordinary push pins in posterboard.

He uses blue, red, white, yellow and black push pins (he sprays green pushpins black since there are no black pushpins) to create his masterpieces.




Each portrait requires about between 25,000 and 100,000 pushpins which he applies one at a time.



All portrait images are © Copyright of Eric Daigh

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Numberism Painting by Sienna Morris

Portland-based artist Sienna Morris uses numbers and scientific formulas to draw beautiful works of art.

The technique is much like pointillism, however Morris uses Numbers instead of dots. There are absolutely no lines and no smudging in these drawings.

Sienna’s people are always drawn with the numbers of the clock. “Time is all we have. It’s how we experience this world, and is the greatest thing to gain or lose.

Sienna’s Math and Science series is drawn with scientific and mathematical data relevant to the subject matter.

Check her website:

The Last South China Tiger by Craig Tracy

American artist Craig Tracy made this incredible body-painting artwork.

Entitled “The Last South China Tiger” this project is part of Save China’s Tigers‘ efforts to protect the remaining tigers in China.

Check his website:

Amazing Art Made Of Map

Artist: Nikki Rosato

Massachusetts-based artist Nikki Rosato cuts away old maps until only the roads and rivers remain. She creates compelling 2-D and 3-D portraits of real-life people from maps of places they care about or identify with.

"Our physical bodies are beautiful structures full of detail, and they hold the stories that haunt and mold our lives. The lines on a road map are beautifully similar to the lines that cover the surface of the human body," Rosato says in a statement on her website.

Check her website:

Artist: Karen O’leary

Karen O’leary cuts away thick white watercolor sheets of paper and creates these jaw-dropping replicas of conventional city maps.

Check her website:

Recycled Clothing Art by Guerra De La Paz

Guerra De La Paz is the composite name of Cuban born, American artist duo Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz, who have been collaborating since 1996. They are based in Miami.

The Cuban-born artist duo have created a series of sculptural art works out of discarded, recycled clothing.






Ring Around The Rosy

Six Thai Trannies







Baccara & Witch Doctor


Bonsai Fivetear


Dueling Snakes

Check the website:

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