Paper Art by Anatoly Vorobyev

Russia-based paper artist Anatoly Vorobyev of Papercutout created these gorgeous paper artworks.

This white sea coral is made out of hundreds of tiny pinholes.

"The inspiration was a small piece of white coral and his amazing texture. The paper and pinholes went well for the simulation of holes on the surface of the coral."

Check his Flickr and Etsy store

2015 Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival

The Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival is an annual event held at Boston's Revere Beach. Master sand sculptors compete for over $15,000 in prize money in the annual festival that has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors each year since 2004.

Each sculptor is given 10 tons of sand and are assigned an 18’ x 18’ square exhibit area. Artists are limited to 24 total hours of work, which is spread out over several days.

The sand sculptures are judged based on four categories: 1) degree of difficulty, 2) originality and creativity, 3) quality of sculpting, and 4) overall visual impact.

Check the website:

Images taken from: nobomagazine

Intricate Ink Drawings on Guitars by Patrick Fisher

American artist Patrick Fisher decorate the bodies of these acoustic guitars using a sharpie pen.

Check his Flickr

Scribbled Wire Sculptures by David Oliveira

Lisbon-born sculptor David Oliveira creates delicate figurative sculptures using wire that looks as if they were sketched in the air.

"For me, to be able to 'draw' I must know and understand the object. The knowledge of the anatomy is very important, because the skin stretches and changes according to what is underneath. The structure is fixed. The challenge is to correspond the theme with the object. My works live in an ethereal world, like a memory or a dream. The theme has to respect that."

"The spectator has a very important role, because in order to see, he has to fill the empty spaces with his own memories, creating a bond with the sculpture and his own life experiences."

If you like these, check out the work of Gavin Worth here

Check his website:

New Layered Glass Sculptures by Ben Young

Sydney-based glass artist Ben Young (previously here) is back with his latest series of layered hand-cut laminate window panes.

“I hope viewers might imagine the work as something ‘living’ that creates the illusion of space, movement, depth and sense of spatial being.”

“I like to play with the irony between the glass being a solid material and how I can form such natural and organic shapes.”

“I do a lot of thinking before I even start to draw or cut. I work with 2D shapes and have to figure out how to translate that into a 3D finished piece. Sometimes my starting point changes dramatically as I have to find a way to layer the glass to create certain shapes.”

Young opens a new exhibition along with the glass works of artist Peter Nilsson, titled 'Float', in Melbourne at Kirra Galleries through August 23.

Check his website:

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