Konapun is an awesome Japanese toy that lets you make ultra-realistic miniature fake food. It comes with all of the "ingredients" you need to make whatever the theme of the kit is plus adorable little utensils and cooking implements that make the process more realistic.

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Some facts about Konapun:
1) Konapun is not a food. It is not edible.
2) It was put on the market in 2006 (manufactured by Bandai), but it is no long manufactured.
3) It is not for children under 8 years old and must play under the adult.
4) The fake food made of Konapun will rot soon.
5) It doesn't cook with actual heat. It is just powder and water.

Check out these videos to see how amazing Konapun is..

My favorite part: Dripping the liquid into another liquid so it hardens and becomes "fish roe". Nice :)

Notice that the fake "oil" bubbles as if it was really frying :D


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