Jim's Pancakes by Jim Belosic

When Jim Belosic started making pancakes in unusual designs, he was just trying to earn some cool cred with his daughter, Allie. Little did he know how happy he’d make her-and the millions of fans who eagerly await his latest creations on his blog 'Jim's Pancakes' where he documents the artistic pancake creations.

Using squeeze bottles, tasty and nutritious coloring and flavor techniques, Jim turned pancake batter into a dinosaur skeleton, unicorn, Tetris, crane, and more. See how Jim makes his pancake art at his YouTube page.

When you look at his creations, you will never think about pancakes in the same way again :)

Jim Belosic of Jim’s Pancakes has authored his first pancake recipe book, which is titled OMG Pancakes!: 75 Cool Creations Your Kids Will Love to Eat. Now-with a little help from Jim-everyone can turn breakfast into art :)

Check his website for more: http://www.jimspancakes.com/


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