The Driftwood Sculpture of Heather Jansch

Heather Jansch (born Heather Rosemary Sewell) is a British sculptor notable for making life-sized sculptures of horses from driftwood.

She started driftwood sculpting in the 1970's almost by accident.

"I was tired of following in other peoples footsteps. I had been working with copper wire and the sculptures were like Da Vinci's line drawings but lacked the power I wanted."

"One day I while I was out my son could not find any kindling wood to light the wood-burner and had chopped up a piece of ivy that had grown round a fencing stake, he had left behind a short section that I immediately saw as a horses torso of the right size to fit straight into the copper wire piece I was working on. The next question was where could I find more or similar shapes and the answer was of course driftwood.

Asked how she fix the bits of wood together, Heather said, “By whatever method works. Each sculpture is different and can sometimes call for innovative means of construction, it is part of the fascination and why my interest in this way of working continues.

Her assistants collect driftwood for her from the Devon coast and estuaries. Local estates supply oak from their woodlands. Sometimes people bring interesting pieces that they think might be useful for a driftwood artist. She does only as much carving as necessary, preferring to retain the original texture.

Her driftwood arts other than horses..

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