Tape Art by Mark Khaisman

Ukrainian born Mark Khaisman uses scotch tape as a paint brush to recreate these magnificent photographs and movie scenes.

"My works are pictorial illusions, made from layer upon layer of translucent packing tape, applied to clear Plexiglas and placed in front of a light box to give the image shadow and depth. I see my tape art as a form of painting. The 2-inch tape acts as a wide brush, and the light behind the panels as an alchemist's luminous blending medium. In working with tape, like in painting, accident and control are always present," he said.

Asked on why he chooses scotch tape as his artwork medium, he said, "It allows for images that can be created only this way. There are some qualities of tape that make it unique as an art material: its banality, humbleness and “throwaway” nature; it’s default settings of color and width limiting my freedom; its unforgiving translucency – no mistakes can be hidden; the cold and impersonal attitude that tape surface suggests; indifference to the subject - all images rendered in tape are equal."

It takes him from one day to one week to finish a painting.

Mr Khaisman doesn’t sketch out the image first but, instead, works directly onto the light boxes, using photos and film stills as a reference. He said, "I chose scenes from my favourite films, I particularly enjoy Hitchcock’s work. I use photographs, I start by blowing them up to actual size to get proportions right and then I simply build the image."

Check his website for more of his work: http://www.khaismanstudio.com/


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