Brush-less Paintings by Amy Shackleton

Toronto-based artist Amy Shackleton creates these amazingly detailed paintings entirely without a paintbrush. Instead she just relies on gravity to slowly guide the paint across the canvas.

Maple Leaf Square

Amy Shackleton paints post-industrial worlds that blur the boundaries between what is urban/rural, real/surreal and concrete/organic. Drawing inspiration from her own global travels and photographs, Shackleton fuses opposing worlds to create her own visions of the future. Shackleton’s technique is calculated yet spontaneous reflecting her urban and natural inspiration. She uses squeeze bottles to apply her paint, then rotates the canvas to manipulate each and every drop. Using natural force of gravity she controls the flow of paint but also allows for unpredictable results.”

Check out the timelapse video at the bottom of the page, that features around 30 hours of work compressed into just two minutes.

Prepare to be amazed @0@!

Mountain Passing

Current Re-vision

City, On The Rocks

Making Waves

Watershed Moment

Around the Bend

Natural Reflex

Heat Wave

Heat of Fusion

Main Stream

Green Underway

Sift Throught The City

Rising Feli-City

Reflecting Back

Terraced City

Check her website for more of her works:


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