Coolest Piggy Banks

Meet these cool and creative modern piggy banks that will allow you to save money in style.


Emergency Money Box

Add coins at your own risk: the money can only be retrieved by smashing the glass.


Coin Lamp

Coin Lamp is based on the concept of values and reward. It turned on by a coin-operated switch.

Alarm Clock Piggy Bank

The only way to turn off the alarm is by inserting money!


FILL’ ER UP™ - saving for a full tank

Put a few coins aside for a rainy day and watch the gauge inch its way upward. Before you know it, you’ll have a full tank!


Bottle Top Coin Bank

Screw it on to the top of any bottle and watch the counter increase as you save. Sadly, it only counts 1 yen coins.


Spend/Save Coin Bank

The unpredictable pivoting tray collects, deflects, and randomly deposits coins in either the “save” or “spend” section. It’s a win, win!


Mini Arcade Coin Bank

This mini-machine is actually a coin bank that encourages you to deposit coins in exchange for games. Every time you drop a coin, you start of a new game.


Money Rolls Piggy Bank

Let the money roll into your piggy bank. It is more fun.


Money Savvy Coin Bank

With this one the personal finance education starts at a young age.


Compulsory Coin Addition Bank

It will wait for you to add coins to it every day. If not, it’ll explode, sending coins all over your desktop. In addition, it will remind you be vibrating and flashing before exploding.


His/Her Money Bank

I need to buy this one for my husband ;P Even if you put coin in his money piggy bank, it will still drop down to her money piggy bank.

[link] [link]

Coin Counting Bank

It counts every coin that goes through it and sums up your total deposits and displays them on screen.


Fanny Fart Bank

Put your coin in this bank, and you will get a fart from each penny.


Cat / Dog Thief Money Bank

This is easily the most clever money bank that I have ever seen. When you put your change on the plate, a cat / dog pops up and takes the money “into safe keeping”.


Greedy Dog Coin Bank

Place the coin on the plate and see how the greedy dog bites and swallows the coin. Like magic, the coin in the plate is gone.


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