"Marie Antoinette" - Vogue by Annie Leibovitz

Another amazing works of Annie Leibovitz. This time she took pictures of Kirsten Dunst posing as Marie Antoinette for Vogue September 2006 issue. Shot at Versaille, it was the first time in 25 years that the location had been used by a magazine for a photoshoot.

A Bridge Over Troubled Water

The queen created for herself and her coterie an artificial Arcadia. There were picnics and boating and blindman's buff; they gathered hens' eggs at her miniature farm. Here, by the Grand Cannal at Versailles, the heroine of Coppola's movie wears a Chanel Haute Couture "Petit Trianon" lace dress with tulle rosettes, made just for Vogue.

The Power And The Glory

Louis and Marie Antoinette were young, lonely, and thrown together by fate. "I think they ached for each other," Schwartzman says. Here, the couple looks out over the palace's parterre and the Fountain of Latona.

Dangerous Liaisons

Like Princess Diana in another age, Marie Antoinette found her strength in her own powers of attraction, using dress as a weapon in palace intrigues. Here, Dunst wears an Oscar de la Renta chine-taffeta gown created for Vogue.

Lonely At The Top

"Remember," one nobleman cautioned his daughter, "in this place vice has no consequence. But ridicule kills." The 24-year-old actress wears a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere pale-blue-jacquard quilted, hand-painted, and embroidered, dress created for Vogue.

After Hours

For seven years, their marriage was unconsummated. Instead, the queen found satisfaction in creating an exquisite appearance. Here, in the park at Versailles, the couple returns home after attending a masked ball in Paris with her clique, the Private Society.


Louis XVII, played by Jason Schwartzman (At Rear) and his wife (Dunst, in pale blue) hold court at a late-night gambling party. The queen's lover, Axel von Fersen (played by Jamie Dornan) watches longingly from afar. Shot in Paris at the Centre Historique des Archives Nationales, Hotel de Soubise - where many if the movie's interiors were filmed. The sumptuous costumes were created by Milena Canonero and the wigs by Rocchetti. Set design by Jean Hughes de Chatillon.

God Save The Queen

When the Bastille fell on July 14, 1789, the queen was in her garden and Louis was hunting. "Rien," he wrote in that day's journal. Here, Dunst ascends the One Hundred Steps leading to the Orangerie in a Dior Couture by John Galliano dress of black aluminium foil covered in organza, ruched in undulating bubbles, made just for Vogue. (Somehow the dress looks like garbage bags.. But hey! What do I know about fashion -_-!)

Chic Haunts

Thrill-seeking royals partied at the Chateau de Stores, northwest of Paris where two bears, a gift from the Russian Czar, live in this cave. The star wears a flounced cotton-and-silk pannier dress made for her by Rochas, Paris. In this story, hair, Odile Gilbert; makeup, Stephane Marais. Produced on location by Fred Jagueneau

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