What is airigami?
Airi•gam•i (\’er-?-’gä-m?\ n : the fine art of folding air) stands at the crossroads of three ancient art forms: sculpture, puppetry and origami.

Here are some amazing airigami.

Artist: Larry Moss & Kelly Cheatle

James Abbot McNeill - Whistler's Mother

Leonardo DaVinci -Monalisa

Leonardo DaVinci - Vitruvian Man

Grant Wood - American Gothic

Paul Cezanne - Still Life

Sandro Boticelli - Birth Of Venus

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Artist: Jason Michael Hackenwerth

‘Crown of thorns’ exhibit in Los Angeles, November 2006

"The Zepplin", NYC Studio, 2004

"Rebirth", exhibited in Liminal Space at Lyons Wier Ortt Gallery

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