Body Painting

Artist: Andy Yang

Andy Yang is a freelance artist and illustrator. In 2010 he made a very smart ad campaign for Breast Cancer Foundation where the ad questions women what should they really prioritize. Their health or the small things (e.g. pimples, bad hair day, butt).

Artist: Joanne Gair

Joanne Gair is an artist and image maker who has emerged as the premiere make-up artist/body painter in the world.

Demi‘s Birthday Suit, or The Suit featured on the cover of the Vanity Fair August 1992 issue to commemorate and exploit the success of Leibovitz's More Demi Moore cover photo of Demi Moore one year earlier.

The work is considered to be groundbreaking by some, although there is controversy surrounding its originality.

Disappearing Model is one of her works that was part of episode 119 of Ripley's Believe It or Not!, which was the highest rated episode.

See more in her website:


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