Creative and Unique Coaster Designs

Need a coaster? Check these collection of creative coasters from around the world :)

Fred & Friends Clumsy Coasters


Gives the illusion of spilled water underneath drink glasses

Sponge Coasters


Protect the surface the drink is on, while also being near to hand to quickly deal with any spilt liquids.

Pixel Drink Coasters


Each coaster is made up of 110 individual 1cm square “pixels” which are perfed in a way that lets you selectively remove blocks from each square. Through what sort of amounts to “pixel sculpting”, you can create your own personalized designs.

Splat Stan coaster


Victim of a tragic drinking incident.. Stan had a drinking related accident

CoasterGlow Coaster


Will light up only when you put a glass on top of it.

Coaster Puzzles


Separate to become four handy coasters. Just take out the individual coasters for use.

OOPS! Bottle Opener & Coaster


Accidents can happen…but the worst kind of accident is being caught without a bottle opener when you need one! So keep our OOPS! Bottle Opener & Coaster handy on your counter. It doubles as a coaster too! Two assorted colors, peggable clear clamshell packing.

Drain Coasters

[link] [link]

Any condensation from your drinks will go straight into the drain.

Shadow Coaster


Experience the strange feeling that the shadow of your cup is not what it’s supposed to be! Available in 2 shadows, Coffee Mug and Soda Can.

Toast It Coasters


Fun toast-shaped cork comes packaged like a loaf of multigrain bread and designed to be used as coasters.

A Black Hole in The Table


How could the cup stay on the table, when there’s so big a black hole beneath it? Just come in…
Have you guessed right? The black hole is actually a creative coaster that results in a perfect 3D effect.

Hamburger Coaster Set – Each Piece an Individual Coaster


American Burger Coaster Set – each piece of the burger is a separate individual coaster. Buns, burger, tomato and of course, lettuce. It’s definitely cool as far as coasters go.


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