Cool Plastic Drinking Straw Arts

What can you do with a bunch of drinking straws? Use it for drinking? Is that all you can think of? Well... you are not a creative person then....

See some of the examples of drinking straws projects


Mickey Mouse... erm.. with long legs? :D Or is it just another talking mouse :P

Flowers and Plants :)

It's a... country boy? :-/



Fish Baits

Dragon Fly

Shrimps :)

Snail and Bugs


Phoenix and Dragon... Nice :D

All made from straws :)


Floor and hanging lamps called 1000 & 1 Straw Light by Inna Alesina


Straw Light


Padlab’s Popoté Lamps


Nestea Drinking Straw Sculpture by Publicis Argentina. It is a commercial art for Nestea. The campaign’s slogan was “Eres lo que tomas,” or “You are what you drink.”


Clutch Chair and Clutch Light by Scott Jarvie


Straw Light Fixture


Drinking Straw Pendant Light by Addicted 2 Decorating


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