Creative Light Switches

Meet these unique light switches to adorn your home.

'Tio' Light Switch System


Its an interesting design from Tim Holley, that gives kids a visual reminder of how much energy they used by leaving the lights on.

Tio starts out green and smiling. If the light is left on for more than four hours, he turns yellow and looks shocked. And if you dare to leave that light on for more than eight hours, sweet little Tio turns into a raging red hulk, complete with frowny mouth and angry eyes.

But he won't just visually remind your kids about their energy habits; information from the light switch is sent to Tio's computer program so the entire family can see how they're doing. In a brilliant piece of visual positive reinforcement, Holley's program lets kids grow a “virtual tree” which gets bigger and healthier the more energy they save.

Off Light Switch Hook


This light switch hook comes from electrical engineer Scott Amron, that provides a hanging function when in the OFF position. It was designed to persuade people to use less energy by providing a power saving incentive, and to keep it switched "off" as often as possible.

Motion Sensing Light Switch


The Motion Sensing light switch is probably the best invention when it comes to saving electricity. This easy to install light switch automatically switches off the lights when it senses no activities in the room. The best part of this switch is that it does not need any kind of wiring. A timer that facilitates you to decide how long after you have left the room that the lights should be switched off.

Revio Light Switches


The Revio light switches, designed by FirstHand Designs, is a smart-looking chick switch that can be programmed and has eight buttons to dim or brighten the lights.This high tech switch replaces the boring element of regular switches with something far more fascinating. The user is allowed to change the back light of these switching with interesting colors and graphics.

The MAGI Light Switch


Designed by Liang Yun, the MAGI light is a revolution in world of light switches. No more clicking and pressing of a switch. Rotate the power switch and the overhead lamp progressively opens to show the light.

Frostdale Nanogrid Wireless Light Switches


The built-in ESM feature on this switch allows users to instantly achieve real energy savings. By holding the top button on the switch for a few seconds, luminosity is reduced to 85 percent, resulting in an instant 15 percent energy savings and extending the life of light bulbs nearly four times. What’s more, the difference is hardly noticeable to the human eye.

For maximum energy savings, press and hold for a few more seconds: illumination is reduced to 65 percent, resulting in energy savings of nearly 30 percent and bulb life extended some 20 times.

Mr. Switch




This light switch features the breasts of a woman and her nipples are the On/Off control.


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