Amazing Leaf Carving Artwork

Leaf carver in China uses special tools to carefully remove leaf surface without cutting or removing the veins to create these amazing works of art.

Creating leaf art is a long and complex process. The first step is to select mature leaves in the Autumn. Make sure they are in a good condition. Keep the leaves in a dry and shady place for at least 10 months.

Before the carving work, the leaves have to be boiled in high tempreture water for more than 5 hours to make sure the bacterias and small worms died. The boiling also reduces fragility during the carving process. When the surface of the leaves are removed, the carving part seems crystal and the veins are very clear to see.

After the carving work is finished, the leaves need to be dried carefully. This step is very difficult to control. 60% of the leaves will be broken in this process.

After the leaves carving artwork is dried, they need to be waxed to make sure they can be kept for very long time.

The finished product is thin like a cicada wing, and as soft as silk. An anti-aging treatment helps the leaves exceed the durability of thick paper.


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