Intricate Currency Collages by C.K. Wilde

Christopher (or C.K.) Wilde is a collagist who creates with currency.

Wilde painstakingly cuts various shapes out of paper money from around the world to form collages and then sealed it with wax.

Paper Tiger

Chickens today, feathers tomorrow


Cash Cow/ Sacred Chao


Money Bee



This is what you were born for (After Goya)

Strange fruit/ This is worse (After Goya)

Peasant with rice

Easily Parted

Drawing on water - The Hillenbrand Atlas


Satyagraha-Portrait of Gandhi

Saturn Eating his children

Money on my mind on my money/Mental Wealth

Mesmeric Spiral

King Korn/ Amaizeing

Hirst's Castle

Captivated -or- The only unicorn in the whole, wide, world

Nothing - - -

Nothing - 0 -

Nothing - 1 -

Images taken from here


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