Unique Shoes and Stilettos Designs

Check these collection of unique shoes and stilettos designs from all over the world :)

Measuring Tape Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Mojito Shoes with Swivel Sole by Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes designed these fascinating shoes with no sole. The support is there, for the heel and ball of the foot, which forms a natural bridge between the two. In the course of designing, he had tracing paper and masking tape on his foot, drew the patterns, and then used a scalpel to cut it off.

Although it looks uncomfortable but never those who has a Mojito shoe said that it's “surprisingly comfortable”.

Origami (paper) Shoes by Catherine Meuter

Heel-less Shoes by Antonio Berardi

Surprisingly, they were actually really easy to walk in.

Inverted Heel Shoes by Marc Jacobs

Ultra Loop Shoes by United Nude

United Nude's ultra loop shoes is a concept where a single foot-bed penetrates a sexy loop creating a remarkable and stylish shoe.

Strapped Shoes by (In)Decorous Taste

Nike Gladiators

Nike had asked Nancy Wu, a product design student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in the US to collaborate and create a Nike's remixed & recut hybrid footwear line.

Nike Stilettos

Adidas JS Wings Shoes

Jeremy Scott wings shoes design reminds me of a Greek myth figures - Hermes.

Adidas Shackle Shoes


This Adidas Shackle Shoes sparked controversy as many saw a symbol of racism and slavery in them. Adidas has cancelled plans to sell the shackle sneakers.

Vibram Five Finger Shoes

This Vibram Five Finger Shoes (VFFs) was developed as an option for people who enjoy going barefoot but still want the protection of a shoe. The low profile stretch polyamide is lightweight and resistant to cuts, while the rubber soles protect your feet and give the wearer more grip over different terrains.

VFFs are machine washable and should be air dried.

Opel Agila City Shoes by Simon Deering

These shoes are part of Opel’s effort to market their Agila car as a hip fashion accessory.

Keyboard Shoe by Fumi Yamazaki


Tip Jar Platform Shoes by Pleaser USA

Clear platform slide sandal features a money drop slot and a removable trap door in the the shoe bed for retieval.

Bottle Opener Shoes

These black patent heels are the perfect party shoe because there's a bottle opener on each heel. Adjustable ankle strap and a peeptoe. 1 1/2" platform front. 4" heel.

Tip-Toes High Heel Shoes

Two High Heels Shoes



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