Porcelain Costumes by Li Xiaofeng

Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng uses broken porcelain shards from archeological sites to create unique wearable costumes.

He cleans the porcelain shards, shapes them, drills small holes into them and then binds them together with silver wire to create these costumes, called “rearranged landscapes”.

His porcelain clothes are wearable, although they are just as heavy as a suit of armor and not so durable.

LACOSTE challenged him to create two different polos for the company’s 2010 Holiday Collector’s Series.

But because China forbids the export of ancient artifacts (including old porcelain shards), he decided to create his own porcelain bowls, drew custom motifs on them (including the Lacoste crocodile logo), broke them into pieces and tied them into the shape of a polo shirt.


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