Art in the Eats by Tisha Cherry

New Jersey-born food-fanatic turned artist Tisha Cherry recreates iconic images using everyday food for her ongoing project '#ARTINTHEEATS.' .

"My food art came as a product of my affinity for food and my boredom of the ordinary. I really just wanted to enhance the experience of eating and not just consume for sustenance. I wanted to turn the mundane into the magical from palette to palate. About 2 years ago, I first saw Bart Simpson’s silhouette in a pile of crumbled Butterfingers while prepping for brownies. Since then, every time I look at food I’ve been looking for a resemblance of some sort."

"Pop culture is essentially my muse and the food on my plate is my medium."

"It’s about finding the right ingredient to mimic color and the right utensil to manipulate that ingredient."

"I use whatever I have in the kitchen: chopsticks, toothpicks, kitchen shears, fruit carving knife, etc. And if I make a mistake, I just eat it!"

"Often times I find myself in a situation where there are ingredients I want to play with but I don’t because I’m really hungry or I don’t want to be rude at restaurants."

"My favorite medium would be ketchup from a ketchup packet, probably because my favorite snack is French fries. The texture is a little easier to manipulate. There’s typically enough ketchup in one packet to do a piece. The most difficult medium has probably been honey due to its consistency. It takes a lot of effort to translate the idea or image into honey."

"I find cooking and baking a form of art and very therapeutic in itself. I hope to develop my skills and take a more artistic approach, but for now I’m satisfied with my plate being my canvas and my chopsticks my paintbrush."

All images are © Copyright of Tisha Cherry

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