Toblerone Chocolate Portrait by Michelle Wibowo

Indonesian food artist Michelle Wibowo from Michelle Sugar Art created this giant chocolate portrait that marks the Duke of Cambridge's first Father's Day as a Dad, using 16,074 individual Toblerone chocolate triangles and took more than 100 hours to plan, prepare and construct.

It took more than 1,500 chocolate bar to create the 154kg, 12ft x 8ft art work, using dark, milk and white chunks to create depth and dimension.

"When I was asked to create a portrait of Prince William and Baby George, I was very excited."

"Everyone's first Father's Day is a memorable occasion, and what better way to mark the nation's favourite Royal father by creating an edible portrait of him."

"It has taken me a long time to map out the exact location for each tiny piece of chocolate to create a recognizable image, but the hardest process was trying not to eat the Toblerone along the way."

Source: dailymail


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