Dice Art

Artist: Frederick McSwain

Frederick McSwain used 13,138 dice to create this portrait called 'Die' to commemorated his friend's death, Canadian artist and designer Tobias Wong, who died at the age of 13,138 days (35 years-old)

“The idea of a die itself was appropriate—the randomness of life.”

“It felt like [a medium] he would use. Because [Tobias] was a very street-level force, I thought it was appropriate [to install] the portrait on the floor. It's not something I wanted to suspend on the wall; I wanted it to be right there on the floor where you almost interact with it."

“The idea of every decision you make and everything you’ve done in your life, defines who you are. All of those days symbolically makes up the image of Tobi.”

Check his website: http://frederickmcswain.com/

Artist: Kim Hyun

Korean artist Kim Hyun constructed this colorful human figures made entirely out of dice. Hyun used plaster casts of actual people and then ran the wire through the dice to form the body.


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