Anamorphosis by Awtar Singh Virdi

Without a cylindrical mirror these paintings would look meaningless. This kind of art is called Anamorphosis and comes from the Greek words meaning “formed again.” It’s basically paintings that can be viewed only with a special device.

Anamorphic art involves a lot of physics and mathematics. A lengthy complex formulae and lot of calculations are done to make a particular picture.

These amazing paintings are made by Indian artist Awtar Singh Virdi.

Check his website for more:

Although he claim himself to be the only Anamorphic artist in the world today, but I found another Anamorphic art, created by Devorah Sperber :)


Anonymous said...

There is a difference between Anamorhic "Art" and Anamorphic "PORTRAITS", that too with FREE HAND, without any mathematical calculating device.Just keep the canvas flat and then start painting on the canvas by looking into the mirrored cylinder.
Mr.Virdi is the ONLY artist to do so. Please have a look into his videos on youtube.



Me said...

Thanks for the info Goutam :) I have to admit, Mr. Virdi is a very talented artist..

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