Chinese Ink Paintings on Water

Water painting, as not many has heard of, differs from the commonly seen watercolor painting. This also known as Chinese Ink Paintings on Water.

Artist: Huang Zhu Lin

Huang Zhu Lin has chosen an unconventional canvas for his art, the 25-year-old Chinese artist creates his paintings on an ever-changing liquid surface.

First Huang mixes a viscous solution of water and various chemicals as his base, which he then pours into a clear tray that sits on top of a lightbox. Then he dabs coloured paints onto the surface and coaxes them into delicate patterns with a metallic needle.

"The paint drops are all in forms of circle on the liquid surface. Any patterns or designs should be transformed or created into other patterns from the circles. This is the basic painting method," he said.

In order to keep his artwork flowing and to stop the liquids from solidifying, Huang adds special chemicals to the base liquid and grease to the paint but he keeps his specific ingredients a secret.

Beijing-based Huang said it took him more than 12 months to perfect his formula and then another year to understand how to create patterns with just a needle and his mixture.

Artist: Zhu Sheng Hi

Zhu Sheng Hi, an artist from Xi’an, China’s Shaanxi Province paints on the surface of the water using a fine tool and naphta. After he’s finished the design, Zhu places a piece of paper that absorbs the paint from the surface of the water.

Photos by China Foto Press and Grand Angular


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