Unique Dress

If you had any doubts regarding human creativity being endless, this unique creation will definitely make you a believer.
Meet some of the unique dresses ever made.
**There are a lot of unique dresses out there, but only - what I think - the best that I put here. So, fashion designers.. you better make your dresses good if you want me to put them in this blog :P

Glowing Fluid-Filled DressesDesigned by: Charlie Bucket


This dress consists of 600 feet of looping sippy straws filled with glow-stick fluid.

The Galaxy Dress - Colorful LED DressDesigned by: CuteCircuit (a design company that specializes in “wearable technology”)


This dress is created out of 24,000 full-color LEDs, each measuring only 2×2 millimeters. The Galaxy Dress requires only a few iPod batteries for 30 minutes to an hour.

Pull Tabs Prom DressDesigned by: Maura Pozek

Maura spent 100 hours working on this unique prom dress, created from 4,000 pull tabs and 400 yards of pink ribbon.

Gown from Discarded Children’s BooksDesigned by: Ryan Novelline

The skirt is comprised entirely of the illustrations from the books sewn together with metallic gold thread, and the bodice is made from the books’ foil spines.

Both the bodice and skirt have tape backing for reinforcement.

Check Ryan’s page here for more photos of the making-of process.

Rubber Band DressDesigned by: Margarita Mileva

Mileva constructed this dress by hand, painstakingly weaving an astounding 14,235 rubber bands into an haute-couture gown. That’s approximately 4 kilograms of rubber bands.

Check her website for more details of this dress: http://milevarchitects.com/m2/StartPageM2-8.swf

1,000 Newspapers DressDesigned by: Yuliya Kyrpo


Yuliya Kyrpo wrapped Metro newspapers into cranes, and positioned them to create this dress. She managed to arrange the different texts and images to make her dress nice to look at.

Newspaper DressDesigned by: Amy M. Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard.

The Paper DressDesigned by: Kelly Murray Jolis Paons


Fashion student Kelly Murray has created a dress made entirely out of 750 phone book pages. She spent two weeks painstakingly pleating the black and white paper to make this wonderful dress.

Used Tea Bags DressDesigned by: Grace Robinson


Grace Robinson, from Cambridgeshire, England, takes used tea bags and sews them into fashionable dresses, shoes and accessories.

She drinks tea every day, saves the tea bags and lets them dry naturally with the tea leaves inside. Once they’ve dried, she empties them and sews them. The color of this unusual fabric varies depending on how long she lets the tea brew

Coffee Filter DressDesigned by: Aimee Kick


18-year-old Francis Howell North High School student from Missouri, Aimee Kick has created a unique prom dress entirely out of coffee filters. The dress is inspired by her reputation “the girl with the coffee cup” because of her love of coffee.

It took her one month to create the dress, as much as six hours per day.

She said each of the coffee filters had to be blow-dried by hand.
"Each and every filter is sewn onto a fabric base that I made. Most filters have multiple seams over them, save for the bodice, which was all hand sewn," Kick said to her local school district.

Luv the coffee necklace :)


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