Thread Spool Works by Devorah Sperber

Using thousands of spools of thread, American installation artist Devorah Sperber created pixilated versions of iconic works of art by famous artists

"After The Last Supper," 20,736 spools of thread. Detail view: Clear acrylic viewing sphere

The spools are hung in long, adjacent columns to create a pointillist, inverted abstraction of a famous painting. When viewed by the naked eye, they are barely recognizable. When viewed through an optical device, usually a "viewing sphere" (a transparent sphere the size of a baseball) placed several feet in front of the spools), the abstractions are inverted and shrunk into a remarkably detailed and faithful image of the original painting. -source: Wikipedia

Installation view: Brooklyn Museum, 2007

"After The Mona Lisa," 5,184 spools of thread. Detail view from approximately 10 feet

Installation view from approximately 50 feet

"After Renoir," 5,024 spools of thread.

"After Da Vinci (Self Portrait)," 442 spools of thread.

"After van Eyck," 5,024 spools of thread.

"After Vermeer," 5,024 spools of thread.

Check the website here for more of her works :)


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