Creative Arts Made Of Beer Cans

Just had a big party and your house full with piles of beer cans? Are you going to throw those cans away? Or maybe sell it to karong goni man? Maybe you can use it in a better way, like this one..

Artist: Various

These figures and sculptures are made as a tribute to the Turkish beer Efes Pilsen.

Images taken from here :)

Artist: Sandy Sanderson

Most modern cars have compound curves which makes them impossible to recreate in a realistic way. That’s why most of Sandy Sanderson’s CanCars are mostly antiques.

His art is very detailed..

Sandy sells his beer and soda can vehicles on his website for prices between $800 and $2,000. DIY enthusiasts can also buy building plans for the cars, for just $10, and put them together in the comfort of their own home.

Check the website if you interested to buy :P


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