Creative Carpet Design

Choosing the right carpet for an interior can be fun. There is a large variety of designs and sizes that available in the market these days. Maybe you can buy something different.. like these :)

Egg Rug


Meet this groovy Sunny Side Up Shag Rug from designer Valentina Audrito. It is a combination of the idea of food and design of a room. The whimsical rug is a luxurious shag with two leather pillows resembling egg yolks.

The Grand Splatch Rug


The Grand Grand Splatch Rug emulates a swimming pool complete with splash complete with diving board and was designed by PUPSAM (David Puel and Thomas Libé).

Hopscotch Carpet


This Hopscotch Carpet is a great choice for children and adults. It’s very soft and cozy, in the same time imitating the asphalt for realism, and it’s also easy to maintain clean.

Forest Roll


Innovative foresty goodness that folds up nicely when not in use… for dreamers and schemers alike who like to lie in their imaginary forests in the fall between fallen logs and piles of leaves. From Aguiniga Design.

Little Field Of Flowers


These flower shaped pieces of felt gives this carpet a beautiful appearance. Its surface is full of constant movement and volume. Available in various colours and luxurious textures.

Peeble Rug


The Pebble Rug from 2Form Design is made from felted New Zealand wool. The thick lines of felt take about half the dye, so the final effect gives the appearance of pebbles. It is a very dense rug and feels very soft under foot.

Tapis Sand


Do you want to have something that could remind you about vacations at a beach at your home? This Tapis Sand from 2Form Design definitely can do that. It looks like it’s made of real sand.

Moss Carpet


The Moss Carpet, created by Nguyen La Chanh, looks at getting the grass to your feet, and that too in your loo! Made from imputrescible foam called plastazote, the mat includes ball moss, island moss and forest moss. The humidity of the bathroom ensures that the mosses thrive. And that's why you need to place it there and not anywhere else.

Global Warming Polar Bear Rug


José Antonio Gurrola from the NEL collective sent over their latest project earlier this week – the Global Warming rug, which “contrasts the comfort and softness of a rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time.”

Band-Aid Carpet


Designer Ricardo Garza Marcos presents us with this band-aid shaped carpet. It is useful and comfortable.

Light Carpet


Johanna Hyrkas has designed a night rug as part of the Imu Design collective, which showcases works from young Finnish- and Helsinki-based designed.


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