Incredible Portraits Made with One Continuous Line by Renbo

Reddit user “Renbo” creates amazing portraits by drawing a single line that does not crosses itself or end. It’s just one continuous loop.

"First I rough sketch who I'm gonna draw, then I just go and let my mind wander."

"I usually start in the corner of the canvas/paper."

"It puts my brain in a good place, completely random and I don't know where I will go next."

"When I used to use a pen (all those besides clint and dwight) I wouldn't lift it unless my hand got fatigued."

Asked how he started doing these unique works of art, Renbo said, "Got bored in highschool and did it on the sides of my paper, later looked through that stuff and saw them so I've started painting them and NEVER NEVER feel bad about art you do. Stop comparing and just draw for yourself."

Asked whether it takes a lot of planning to do, Renbo said, "Mostly wing it, some planing but I like to keep a blank mind so everything stays random, if I think to much patterns come out."

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