Deconstructed Wall Art by Alexandre Farto

Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils creates fascinating portraits by carefully scratching and chipping plasters out of walls.

Using construction tools, he exposes and confronts the architectural surfaces. Farto usually begins by sketching out the piece in spraypaint.


Etching acid and bleach, he begins to depict the canvas to be de-constructed.


Then with the use of hammers, chisels, pneumatic drills, Farto sculpts the stenciled pieces to create texture, dimension and layers.


After he has removed the excess plaster from the wall, Farto will often use additional color and shading to refine the look of his artworks.


“It’s never me who determines the final form of a piece. I never have and never want to have absolute control over what I’m doing – I like the unexpected and the uncertain.”

The young artist hopes his “faces in the city” portraits will inspire people to see beyond what meets the eye.

“The idea is to take the act of vandalism – the act of destroying in order to create – to the extreme, as modus operandi.”

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