Awesome Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

UK-based artist Bronia Sawyer creates these unique, beautiful bird and flower-like plumes of color by coloring, folding and rolling the pages of books.


"I love to take something like a book and turning it in to something visually pleasing. With book sculpture I like the fact that books are flat and square they have order but by cutting them and folding them you can create organice and random shapes. I also like to add colours but mainly for the way it looks in photographs."


"I have been creative all my life, I love art. It has been the one thing that has stayed stable when I am happy or sad. It has always been there just waiting silently. I would say that I'm obsessed. I rarely do the same thing twice. Life's too short and I have too many ideas for repetition."


"I strove to create pieces that where different to the ones I had already seen."


"I love the surreal, and find books lend them self well to it. I love stories and the magic of words, and working with them in a different way."


"Pure and simply I love to create. With book sculpture I am fascinated with the infinite ways a flat book can be changed into something magical; something that looks slightly odd because you know what a book is supposed to look like but it has been distorted."

"I often work with dictionaries, due to my dyslexia, but I mostly use fairly old novels that have been stored somewhere damp, as they seem to be the right thickness and a nice, aged yellowed colour."

"I consider the colour, texture and story when choosing a book."


"I often sit for hours folding books. I am not always sure at the start what the finished sculpture will look like. The process is very organic I have a starting idea and then see how it grows."


"I am inspired by dreams and nightmares, my childhood memories, fairy-tales, nature, and philosophy. My style right now is mainly organic due to the spring flower garden installation I am working on. But, as always, I am always working on a variety of other things too."

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