Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Washington-based artist Chris Maynard used feathers to created these amazing artworks using eye surgery tools, miniscule scissors, magnifiers, forceps and sharp scalpels to slice intricate patterns into the shape of birds.

"My art in the shadowbox form began two years ago in 2011."

"I think it had to do with the death of my mother, a professional artist. It got me thinking that life is short and to get on with pursuing what inspires me most."

"They are an ultimate achievement of nature and a pinnacle of wonder."

He begins by choosing a proper feather to use to complete his vision and sketching out a draft version of his designs, before gluing it to a board and cutting it out.

"To start, I either first think of a particular bird, get to know it and its qualities or I think of a concept I want to express and think of the right bird or feather."

He uses 1mm to 4ft long of various feathers.

"Choosing the right feathers takes a lot of time, they have to be perfect in shape, pattern, form, and colour."

"Feathers have shafts, then barbs, then barbules which have little hooks on them which act as Velcro, keeping the feathers barbs together."

"They can be cut and worked with without falling apart, but they do tend to curl so the feathers are usually backed before I cut them."

"I use eye surgery tools, tiny scissors and forceps and small sharp scalpels to cut."

"The feathers come from private aviaries and zoos, I use tiny feathers as small as a pencil point to the biggest in my work."

"Other than feathers from pigeons, crows, and turkeys, I mostly use pheasant and parrot feathers."

Each one of Maynard's pieces is an original that cannot be duplicated. He has create more than 80 pieces which can take up to several days at a time, before mounting them onto frames known as shadowboxes.

Maynard creates all kinds of interesting shadowbox designs that mimic the natural form of a bird's feathers.

The professional artist has completed 80 feather pieces which sell for prices between £500 and £1,240.

"Feathers are structural wonders, serving many functions. they also suggest important universal themes. feathers are my medium. They are an ultimate achievement of nature and a pinnacle of wonder. after feathers perform their functions on birds, they are molted yearly but keep their beauty and complexity. I want to show feathers in a different light, off the bird. I enjoy highlighting aspects of a feather's form, pattern or color."

"If I am successful, I hope to convey some intimate sense of the bird that grew the feathers... feathers are one of life's perfect wonders; with this in mind, the three dimensional forms, colors, and shapes are preserved as they were on the birds they came from."

Source: dailymail


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