Creative Doorstops

If you want to preserve walls or keep doors open, doorstops come in handy. Here are some of the most creative doorstops.

'You Killed Kenny' Doorstop


Fans of South Park are quite familiar with Kenny McCormick, the lovable parka hooded muffled voice kid who is killed in virtually all of the earlier episodes. This dorrstop looks like the ever-dying, ever-resurrecting South Park character.

Dead Mouse Doorstop


This cute little door-mouse is as dead as a doornail. He was squashed so you can enter and exit a room with ease.

Dormouse Doorstop


A cute mouse that keeps your door where it is. You get all of the rodent cuteness of a mouse without the little bugger nibbling holes in your wall and stealing cheese. It’s designed to look as if he’s peeking out from his hole.

Humperdink Dilemma Doorstop


This little guy is Humperdink and he’s got a dilemma! Does he keep that door open for you or rescue his foot from excruciating pain?

The Wizard Of Oz Doorstop


Looks like the Wicked Witch of the East did when Dorothy's house landed on her.

Loose Leaf Doorstop


If the door leads outside, using the loose leaf doorstop makes it look like the leaf drifted down from outside. Nature lovers can use them inside, too.

James the Doorman Doorstop


He is the perfect gentleman that will hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under it.

Poop Doorstop


Imagine the actual door stopper part shoved under the door... all you really see when you walk past the door will be a piece of poo.

Foot In The Door Doorstop



Melted Chocolate Doorstop


Cute and clever melted chocolate has a wedge shape under its tail to keep your door open.

Crawling Zombie Doorstops


Doorstops that look like squished zombies - for Zombie fans -_-!

Mr P Doorstop


While taking a nap, Mr P has become a very useful but unfortunate rubberized doorstop.

Elephant Trunk Doorstop


Unusual elephant trunk doorstops from Japan will hold your door and make anyone’s day brighter.

Blob Head Doorstop


Promotes headache drug. Simple and fun idea

Gold Bullion Doorstop

[link] [link]

Show your guests that you've got money to burn and keep the doors open with gold. Use the Gold Bullion Bar as a doorstop or a paperweight the choice is yours. Either way it's the ultimate show of wealth.

Golfers Doorstop

The golfers doorstop allows the golfer in your life to practice his or her putting to their hearts content in the comfort of the room or hallway of their choice. The plastic golf ball that comes with the doorstop is not as heavy as a standard one, so it won't do any damage.


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