Meat Art

What can you do with meat, other than cook it? Well.. maybe you can create an artwork out of it.

You have seen Van Gogh's Starry Night made of bacon. Now prepare to be amused by other artworks made of meat :)

Meat After Meat Joy is a group exhibition of contemporary artists who use meat in their work. These are some of their works.

Some pieces are kept in cold storage to keep them from decaying.

Hommage a Meret Oppenheim by Betty Hirst - A tea cup made of bacon.

American Flag by Betty Hirst - A flag made of meat and lard, kept at room at room temperature, encased in glass.

The photograph above shows the steam from the decomposition, and the small white dots at the bottom of the frame are live maggots.

Animatronic Flesh Shoe by Adam Brandej

via eatmedaily

Other meaty artworks:

Baby Bacon by Alexander Ross.. creepy.. -_-!


Meat Horse by Alexander Ross

This is a life size horse head constructed with a wood/wire armature and then covered with close to 200 dollars worth of bacon/prosciutto.


The Scream by Alexander Ross


Bacon Roses


"Bacon Kevin Bacon" was commissioned by Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, owners of J&D Foods, and created by artist Mike Lahue. Over three months, Lahue glued "bacon bits" over a styrofoam representation of Bacon's bonce, then sealed the meaty artwork with lacquer.


Meat Hats

Meat House by Joel Richards from

Bacon Lamp by kmkelley617 from flickr


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