Dung Sculptures

Animal dung usually used as fertilizer. But some artist use it as a medium for their artworks.

* Panda Dung

This 24-inch high sculpture of Venus de Milo, made out of panda dung, was on display at the Henan Art Museum in China until being sold to a famous Swiss collector for 300,000 yuan, or $45,000 USD!! @0@!!


In 2006 a Thai Chiang Mai Zoo has came up with a use for the vast piles of panda dung they collect. They started making paper out of it, and selling it as souvenirs. Zookeepers have taken a traditional method of making paper from mulberry trees, and used it to convert the poop into paper.

The zoo was turning the dung-paper into greetings cards, fans and bookmarks, selling around 300,000 baht ($9,000 US) worth of goods for the 2006.

In 2007 China's Sichuan Province has also developed a dung-for-profit scheme that makes souvenirs from the animal's waste in their Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base.




Source: climatechange.thinkaboutit.eu

* Cow Dung

A manure sculpture of New Zealand agricultural minister Nick Smith by Sam Mahon. It has been sold for 3080 New Zealand dollars.

The sculpture does not stink and will last forever. Cow patties were collected from an organic dairy farm, ground up in a coffee grinder, and mixed with resins for a preserved, moldable medium, which was then finished with a polish of beeswax.

Source: treehugger

* Horse Dung

Denver artist Susan Bell who specializes in traditional wildlife paintings, was thinking about what to do with the copious quantities of manure produced by her two horses. She then decided to make manure art out of it.

Horse manure is gathered, turned twice yearly, and left to decompose for two years. The manure, practically free of odor, is put through a cement mixer in her garage. She adds water to form a slurry and lets the mixture dry for a week. It's then ready to be fitted into the molds.

Since horses digest 20 percent of the grass they eat, a lot of grass remains in their manure.

These sculptures not only enrich a garden ornamentally, but environmentally as a fertilizer.

Check her website: http://www.dungbunnies.com/


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