Jess Eaton Roadkil Couture Collection

Jess Eaton is a freelance designer, a professional makeup artist & bodypainter.

She starts a partnership with fellow artist Jon Nott, collecting and creating things ranging from skulls to antiques. Her latest project 'Roadkill Couture' was a success at Brighton Fashion Week and received a standing ovation.

Roadkill Couture is a collection of garments created out of animal pelts and feathers from animals that have died of natural causes, been consumed as food or donated by pest control. Absolutely no animal was harmed or killed for any of these garments.

"My poor son Norton, seven, is sick of the smell of flesh-eating bugs at home and my workshop at home is often full of bits of animal. But I am moving into a shop in Brighton soon so at least it will all be out of our little flat," she said.

She hopes her work inspires people to think about where food comes from and how much we waste.

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