Impressive Skulls

Artist: Helen Altman

American artist Helen Altman creates lifesize skulls made of spices.

She said, "Many of my works use commonplace materials and objects. I respond to readymade objects that are often discards or flawed in some obvious way. Alterations in these familiar things elevate them and draw parallels to our own human predicament."

Check her website:

Artist: Dimitri Tsykalov

Russian-born, Paris-based sculptor Dimitri Tsykalov has turned various fruit and veggies into ghoulish sculptures for Halloween.

Dimitiri said, "I use an electric drill, saw, axe, kitchen knives, spoons, scalpel, pincers and cotton wool pads. Once I have finished carving, I let oxidation do its work - leaving the sculpted piece of fruit to ripen in my studio over a few days. The flies let me know when it's ready and time to take a picture."


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