Amazing Guitar Designs

Guitars never get old, they just get more creative and stranger. In this post, I will feature some of the most creative and unusual guitar designs collected from around the world.

Emerald Dragon Guitar


This incredible design was created by Emerald Guitars Custom Shop. The body is a chinese dragon that is twisted into the shape of a treble cleff. The body is hand shaped out of a special foam and then covered in carbon fibre to keep it both light and strong.

The body is then completed with a special chrome paint that gives a beautiful metal look. Of course there always has to be a little something extra and in this case it is the red lasers in the eyes. On stage with some smoke these just look amazing. The amazing thing is that it was completed in just 6 weeks.

The Alien


One more creation by Emerald Guitars, called ‘The Alien’. It takes at least 400 hours of hard work to complete it.

ESP Armor


Designed by ESP’s Custom Shop.

ESP Shinigami (In Japanese, means God Of Death)



Designed by ESP’s Custom Shop. This scary creation retails for above $20,000.

Cthulhu Mythos ukulele


This Cthulhu Mythos ukulele was created by Neil Gaiman.

Double Neck Jaguar Custom


This one of a kind piece of art was handmade as a tribute and present for Yngwie Malmsteen.

There the story of this unique instrument takes an odd twist. The guitar was then sent to Miami for Yngwie, but It was never claimed. Because it was not claimed (for whatever strange reason, possibly he was on tour), it was impounded and then bought at a very dear price at auction.

This guitar was sold to Michael Fatali in 2006 before it was stolen.

ESP Angel Classic V


This "angelic" guitar is equipped with two sound pickups and the Floyd Rose tremolo-system.

ESP Venus Angel


ESP Heart Angel


Angel Sword


This awesome and fully functional sword-shaped guitar was on sale on eBay for $4500.

From their page:
"It was custom made for the Alfee’s guitar player Takamizawa. This is an awesome one of a kind guitar. The Alfee is one of the biggest rock acts in Japan and Takamizawa is well known for his Angel and other Gothic themed guitars."

ESP Angel Guitar


Another master piece by ESP, displayed at the NAMM 2010.

ESP Angelic Swords


ESP Flying Angel -Fantasia-


This is another awesome looking ESP custom guitar made for a Japanese guitarist and vocalist named Toshihiko Takamizawa from a band called The Alfee. The price is 2,415,000 yen... @__@

ESP Pipe Organ



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