Ledger Paper Art by Jill Sylvia

American artist Jill Sylvia uses ledger paper sheets to create these amazing replicas of famous buildings.

For each work, she meticulously removes the spaces within the lines of each cell using a drafting knife and then uses the resulting lattice to create her artworks.

"When I started this work, (before I began to use the pages to construct buildings and national monuments), my process was a way of attempting to understand our need to quantify our transactions. I would involve myself in a routine of trying to make time and labor palpable while communicating its loss."

"I was, and am, interested in the way that resulting voids might suggest that the methods we employ to arrange our world provide more insight into ourselves than that which we seek to organize."

"I guess my biggest challenges are time and endurance. Since my process is so labor intensive and time consuming, meeting deadlines can be stressful."

"My process is also very repetitive, and honestly, there are times when it’s tough to stay engaged and produce at a rate that I feel like I should be producing at. I deal with it by taking breaks from the work. I’m not sure about navigating the art world— I try not to think about it too much these days."




All artworks images are © Copyright of Jill Sylvia

Check her website: http://www.jillsylvia.com/

Source: inthemake


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