Amazing Mosaic Artworks

Mosaic is the art of creating patterns and images from small pieces of a certain material. Check these amazing mosaic artworks made of unusual materials.

Virgin Mary Easter Eggs by Oksana Mas

Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas created this Virgin Mary mosaic portrait using 15,000 painted Easter Eggs in Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.




The giant mosaic weighs 2.5 tons and is made out of 15,000 wooden Easter Eggs, measures 7×7 meters.

Source: odditycentral

Jesus Push Pins Portrait by Rob Surette


Rob Surette created this mind-blowing portrait of Jesus Christ made out of 24,790 colored push pins. The amazing work of art measures 5.5 feet x 4 feet and worth $250,000. He spent six months to finish on this project, working on it for approximately one hour every day, seven days a week.

Source: theblaze

Van Gogh Polo Shirts

The giant reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait, made out of polo shirts, is on display in the lobby of the Marunouchi Building, near Tokyo Station as a part of a campaign by Onward Kashiyama Co, a Tokyo-based apparel maker, to use painting colors into shirt designs.

The amazing work of art measures 10 x 10 meters and was created using 2070 polo shirts of 24 different colors.

Source: nipponnews

Leila Khaled Lipsticks Portrait by Amer Shomali

Palestinian artist Amer Shomali created a unique portrait of Leila Khaled, a woman revolutionary holding an AK-47 and wearing a kaffiyeh, made of 3,500 lipsticks of 14 different colors.

Source: odditycentral

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Picks by Ed Chapman

Artist Ed Chapman created a mosaic of the greatest electric guitarist in history, Jimi Hendrix, made from more than 5000 Fender guitar picks/plectrums, a brand commonly associated with Hendrix, as he often played their guitars at the peak of his career.


It was auctioned for £23,000 raising money at the Cancer Research UK’s Sound & Vision event at London's Abbey Road Studios.

Source: bloodyloud

Jimi Hendrix Playing Cards by David Alvarez

Leavenworth artist and student David Alvarez creates this Jimi Hendrix portrait using more than 8,500 Bicycle playing cards. The 25 feet tall portrait taken from the album "Crash Landing".


Source & Images:

He first divided the picture into parts and map out where the colored playing cards should go. Then painstakingly placing each card on its right position, on a Styrofoam core board, with double-sided tape. It took him 21 hours to finish the project.

Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic by Arkady Kim


Russian artist Arkady Kim and his 5 assistants spent 12 days working on this impressive coffee bean mosaic, entitled “The Awakening” set up in Gorky Park, Moscow.

This giant mosaic measures nearly 30 square meters, and made of 1 million coffee beans, weighing 180 kg (397 pounds) and was acknowledged as a new world record for the largest coffee bean mosaic by Russia’s Book of Records, beating the previous title holder.. artist Saimir Strati (We have covered his amazing mosaic art in the previous post).

Source: odditycentral

Muhammad Ali Punching Bags by Michael Kalish

Los Angeles-based artist Michael Kalish made a 22-foot high installation of Mohammad Ali’s portrait using 6.5 miles stainless steel cable, 1300 punching bags, and 2500 pounds of aluminum pipe.


The project took three whole years to finish and Muhammad Ali hang the final bag at the ceremony on LA’s Nokia Plaza.

You can only see his portrait from one side, not from any other angles.

Source: planetoddity

Beagle Sprinkles by Joel Brochu


Canadian fine arts student Joel Brochu creates a 4 feet by 1 ½ foot image of a beagle getting a bath made of sprinkles (tiny colored balls of compressed sugar that are used in the decoration of confectioner’s items).

He used a unique combination of MS Paint and a software tool designed by his friend to break the image down into pixels. Then he used a pair of jewelry tweezers to place the sprinkles, one at a time, on a board with double-sided tape and glue.

A total of 221,184 sprinkles in six different colors were used and it took eight months to complete the project.

Source: odditycentral

Wine Corks Mosaic by Scott Gundersen

Chicago-based artist Scott Gundersen used 9,217 wine corks to create this detailed portrait titled 'Grace' over the course of 200 hours.


It is measures 66″ X 96″ and took over 50 hours to create.

Gundersen also made another piece titled 'Trisha' made of 3,621 recycled wine corks.


First he sketches out a drawing based on a photograph he takes of his subject. He collects the corks, then arranges them by tone and later fills in the different tones for the shading of his portraits.

Source: athenna


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