Jelly Beans Art by Kristen Cumings

California-based painter and illustrator Kristen Cumings painstakingly creates this detailed works of art out of thousands of colorful jelly beans.

Kristen used 15,000 jelly beans for her Mona Lisa masterpiece

She uses between 8,000 and 12,000 jelly beans for her stunning 4 x 6 feet masterpieces.

It takes over 60 hours to complete a mural.

First, she looks at a close up of the reference photo, and then visualizes where each colored jelly bean has to go. Then she paints an acrylic version of the photo on a blank canvas, and once that dries, she begins applying the small beans and tries to match the colors as best she can. The intricate detail and blend of colors in each piece is brilliantly executed.

Cumings uses spray adhesive to stick the beans to the canvas and then coating the finished product in acrylic for protection.

She usually likes to start her artworks by recreating the main features, like the eyes and nose. Then she just starts applying the other jelly beans from the bottom up until the piece is completed.

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