Human Flowers by Cecelia Webber

New Hampshire-born artist Cecelia Webber takes nude photos of the human body and assembles them to create these stunning images you’ve ever seen.

The artist says, “I began creating my compositions after noticing that a photo I had taken of my back looked like a petal. From there, I became fascinated by the practice of trying to create organic imagery with greater and greater accuracy.”

Each artwork can have as many as 700 layered images each and take up to two months to produce.

The process involves photographing scores of poses, digitally cutting, rotating, and colouring the resulting images, and assembling all of the components together into the finished piece.

Webber frequently takes more than fifty photographs of a single pose to achieve the desired form. She also regularly uses herself as a subject,setting a camera timer and then orienting herself for the photograph.

"I find it much easier to pose on my own as I am aware of my flexibility and limits."

"A lot of people believe that digitally manipulated images cannot be classified as art. I don’t agree with that. I think one needs to be true to the medium. And to oneself, of course."

"The most difficult part is orchestrating the relationships between the different poses, and thinking of the human body as a three dimensional object collapsed into a 2D plane to form a shape."

“Magazine covers are made to look flawless and perfect. I strongly feel that airbrushing is not required all the time. Natural features can look good too.”

“Through my work, I am trying to desterilise the human body and expose its vulnerabilities.”

She hopes to help people realize a positive self-image of their bodies and to have the ability to look at nudity and nakedness as comforting, vulnerable, and beautiful.

All images are © Copyright of Cecelia Webber

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Source: betterphotography


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